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|Al Haouz earthquake: Wind of Solidarity Unity Blows From Southern Provinces of the Kingdom

The unprecedented, exemplary and effective surge of solidarity towards the populations affected by the Al Haouz earthquake continues at a sustained pace, with the arrival, early Thursday morning in Marrakesh, of a solidarity caravan from the southern provinces offering one of the most beautiful illustrations of a united national community, under the wise and enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

No less than eighty trucks - trailers and semi-trailers - filled with foodstuffs and humanitarian aid (tents, mattresses, blankets, clothes, etc.), forming a virtuous chain of solidarity and empathy, took the road to "hope and optimism" coming from the cities of Laâyoune, Boujdour, Smara and Tarfaya, towards Marrakech, with the sole motto: showing the world that whatever the circumstances and in the face of harsh trials , Morocco, proud of its King and its living forces, will forever remain united from North to South and from East to West.

A typical generosity

Defying the length of the journey, Sahrawi volunteers, men and women, with determination and self-sacrifice and a high sense of patriotism and civic-mindedness, did not hesitate for a single moment to board these trucks carefully decorated with flags and portraits of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the map of the Kingdom, in a most human gesture.

“Composed of 80 trucks and semi-trailers, this caravan set off in front of the Palais des Congrès in Laâyoune, as a show of solidarity with our brothers affected by the earthquake,” the president of the Provincial Federation told MAP. parents and guardians of students from Boujdour, El Kharachi El Moussaoui. “We are strongly mobilized behind His Majesty King Mohammed VI and we appreciate the efforts made by the authorities in this direction,” he said.

Call of the Nation Like the other solidarity caravans dispatched from all the cities of the Kingdom, this human fellow citizen gesture carried out, in complete symbiosis, by associative actors, economic operators and companies from the southern provinces of the Kingdom is the testimony eloquent of this mobilization to respond to the call of the Nation, that of solidarity and action hand in hand to meet the challenges that arise.

This is a gesture which illustrates, if necessary, that the populations of the South of the Kingdom, proudly brandishing their Moroccanness, remain faithful to the sacred values of the Kingdom and mobilized behind the Sovereign. “We, in the Lâayoune-Sakia El Hamra region, stand in solidarity with our affected fellow citizens,” underlined Khadim Allah Haboul, member of the Boujdour Parents’ Federation.

Young women volunteers have come to fulfill their national duty,” Organization, the key to the success of the Caravan

Since its departure from the southern provinces of the Kingdom, this caravan has been the subject of a high level of organization, in order to achieve its objectives, with all the speed and efficiency required in such circumstances and to allow the delivery, in excellent conditions, humanitarian aid to targeted populations.

Escorted by elements of the Royal Gendarmerie throughout the route taken and the towns crossed, the Solidarity Caravan transported the aid in excellent conditions, with several stopovers scheduled throughout the journey.

Arriving at Targa on the Agadir-Marrakech highway, the Solidarity Caravan was welcomed by representatives of the local authorities who directed the trucks towards the Central depot for collecting aid for victims of the Al earthquake. Haouz, set up by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

“Thanks to this initiative, we have given the world lessons in solidarity and mutual aid,” commented, for his part, Lhoucine Harrama, community actor from Laâyoune.

“Moved by the visit that His Majesty King Mohammed VI paid to the affected people, we, as residents of the Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra region, also came to provide support and comfort to our brothers in Al Haouz” , he said.

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