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Legitimacy of Morocco's Sovereignty over Sahara "Is No Doubt" (French magazine)
The networks of the Algerian regime are waging a real information war, especially in Europe over the Sahara zone

The legitimacy of Morocco's sovereignty over its Sahara "is no doubt," writes the French magazine "L'incorrect", highlighting the role of Algeria in the persistence of the artificial conflict created around the Sahara Moroccan and "pernicious" processes used by its networks to maintain propaganda on this issue.


List of projects planned for the period 2004-2008

The growing number of projects in the Sahara region is part of the effort to adjust the state’s adaptability to the region’s specificities and its socio-cultural aspect. It reflects the state’s closeness to meet their expectations and needs.

       -  Religion

   -  Society, Health

   -  Sports, Hobbies, Journeys

   -  Associations

Housing and Urban Development projects top the development programme in the Sahara region between 2004 and 2008, with 53 projects amounting to 1.657,07 million MAD.

Care provision in the Sahara region is adequate compared to other regions of the Kingdom. Indeed, the main health indicators in the region of Laayoune, Boujdour, Smara, Oued Eddahab and Aousserd, exceed national averages. The biomedical equipment is also satisfactory.

Since 1975, the Kingdom of Morocco has made development of the education system among the top priorities of the state, providing great efforts to the development of education in the southern provinces to meet the overall context of the evolution the Moroccan society and its aspirations for a better future.

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