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|2022: Morocco Consolidates Progress in Favor of its Territorial Integrity and Development of its Southern Provinces

Morocco has accelerated in 2022, the consecration of its territorial integrity, reinforced by the growing and unequivocal international support for the historic and legitimate rights of the Kingdom over its southern provinces.

Driven by the determination of the vision of HM King Mohammed VI and by an effective diplomatic approach, Morocco has seen its achievements reinforced this year 2022 by the acceleration of all-out support for its first national cause by the countries of the world, by continental and regional organizations and within the United Nations.
It started with the change in the position of the Spanish government, recognizing the relevance and pre-eminence of autonomy plan as being "the most serious, realistic and credible basis" for the solution of the artificial dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, 2022 was a veritable concert of expressions of support for Morocco by countries and regional groupings and ended with a decisive UN resolution.

It was as HM the King said, the year when now "the Sahara issue is the prism through which Morocco considers its international environment. It is also clearly and simply the yardstick that measures the sincerity friendships and the effectiveness of partnerships it establishes".

The series of consulate openings in Laayoune and Dakhla continued with the opening of seven new consular representations (Cape Verde, Guatemala, Republic of Togo, Surinam, Somalia, Republic of Chad, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States).

Similarly, in its resolution 2654 adopted last October, the Security Council irreversibly established the pre-eminence, credibility and seriousness of the Moroccan autonomy initiative as the one and only solution to this regional dispute within the framework of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom.

The UN executive body has also confirmed the massive support of the international community for the autonomy initiative, which has resulted in the expression of strong, clear and official support from more than 90 countries of the Moroccan initiative, as well as the opening by 30 other countries of general consulates in the cities of Laâyoune and Dakhla, in confirmation of the Moroccan Sahara

In its resolution, the Security Council again reminded Algeria of its status as a main stakeholder in the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, enjoining it to cooperate and engage with the UN Secretary General. within the framework of the political process of the round tables in a spirit of compromise, and of realism and this, until the culmination of this process.

He reaffirmed his constant position and that of the international community that the solution to this regional dispute must be politically realistic, pragmatic, durable and based on compromise.

This consecration was reinforced by many countries, regional groups and petitioners at the 4th Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations to support the political process to express their conviction in the sovereignty of Morocco over its southern provinces and highlight the pre-eminence of the autonomy plan as the one and only solution to the regional conflict over the Sahara, as well as the development dynamics experienced by this integral part of the Kingdom.

For its part, the UN General Assembly reiterated, in a recently adopted resolution, its support for the political process carried out under the exclusive aegis of the United Nations for the settlement of the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, within the framework Security Council resolutions since 2007.

All these advances, which reinforce Morocco's achievements, show the Kingdom's determination and firm commitment to defending its territorial integrity and its full and complete sovereignty over its southern provinces.

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