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|Cameroonian Delegation Learns About Development Level in Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab

Cameroonian delegation visited Monday the city of Dakhla, with the aim of reviewing the level of development and economic capabilities of the Pearl of the South.

The visit, which was chaired by the Sultan of the Kingdom of Bamoun, Mbere Mfon Bamoum Mohamed-Nabil Nforifum Mbombo Njoya, and his accompanying delegation, as well as the Cameroonian Ambassador to Rabat, Mohamedou Issoufou, aims to shed light on the developmental dynamism and progress witnessed by the city of Dakhla at all levels.

On this occasion, the Cameroonian delegation held meetings with the Wali of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, governor of the Valley of Eddahab province, Lamine Benomar, the head of the regional council, Khattat Ynja, and the head of the Dakhla communal council, Ragheb Hurmatallah, during which they shed light on ways to strengthen cooperation relations between Morocco and Cameroon. .

Mr. Issoufou said, in a statement to the press, that this visit was an opportunity to see the progress made by Morocco, as well as the dynamics of development taking place in the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region.

He added, “This visit represents an occasion to inform the officials of the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab region about the Kingdom of Bamoun, one of the oldest kingdoms in Cameroon, dating back to the fourteenth century.”

For his part, Mr. Yenja confirmed that this meeting was an occasion to introduce the region’s most important features, investment opportunities and qualifications, the most prominent development programs that it has known since its recovery, and the role of the regional council and the rest of the elected councils in enacting development strategies.

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