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|Colombian President Acting As "Guerrilla" Ignoring His Country's Interests with Morocco (Colombian Paper)

By recognizing RASD puppet entity, the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, acted as a "guerrilla", ignoring the interests of Colombia with a friendly country that is Morocco, writes the Colombian newspaper La Patria.

Under the title “Morocco-Colombia, Massacred Friendship”, journalist Andrés Hurtado says that Petro took office on August 7 and three days later, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he decided to “recognize the Polisario front, trying to give it the 'status' of a country. It would seem that there was an urgency to do so.”

“In other words, Petro proceeded as if he were still a guerrilla, forgetting that he is the leader and representative of a sovereign country that is Colombia, a country that for many years has suffered the horrors and the aberrations of murderous guerrillas,” he lamented.
For him, “no one in this country, not even Petro of course, would want another country to ally with Nicaragua to attack our sovereignty and our territorial integrity. That's exactly what Petro did with Morocco."

“Polisario is threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco, our great ally in Africa,” continued Mr. Hurtado, noting that “faced with this aberration by Petro, the Senate, meeting in full on October 19, approved at the majority a resolution against the government for the barbarism committed against a great friendly and allied country (words of the Congress)”. Of the 108 senators, 63 have signed the resolution in question and they are the representatives of the nine parties that support the government, namely: Liberal Party, Conservative Party, U Party, Green Alliance, Radical Change, Mira, Colombia Justa Libre, Center Democratic and the League of Anti-Corruption Leaders.

“When Roy Barreras (President of the Senate) saw that there were many senators against the wrong and malicious attitude of the Colombian government, he decided not to give the floor anymore” to the senators who stood up against the attack to the territorial integrity of Morocco, he added

The article mentions in this context the content of the resolution adopted at the end of last October, and in which the Colombian Senate expressed its "categorical rejection" and "total disagreement" with the decision of Petro, a former guerrilla, to restore relations diplomatic relations with the puppet entity of the “rasd”, which “goes against the fundamental principles of Colombian diplomacy”.

Mr. Hurtado deplores Petro's decision, which comes as “in recent years, relations between Colombia and Morocco have reached an optimal level never seen before… At the bilateral level, the excellent relations between our two countries have translated into concrete and extremely beneficial events for our two nations. Tourist, political, economic, social, academic and human ties have been strengthened thanks to the agreements and conventions signed between Bogotá and Rabat”.

“We must be grateful that Morocco is the only African country that does not require a visa for Colombians to access its territory. Morocco was the only country invited to the national fair of Colombian crafts and, as the senators say, it is a key country for Colombian agriculture”, since it is one of the largest producers of phosphates in the world.

The author stresses that "this African country, as affirmed by the senators, represents a strategic and privileged partner of Colombia in Africa and in the Arab world, given its leadership and the recognition it enjoys regionally, continentally and globally”.

“Petro, as we know, interferes – and in the wrong way – in the internal affairs of countries that do not share his ideology. For the rest, it should be remembered that the Senate represents Colombians and that two of our foreign ministers have made their first and only visit to Africa to Morocco. Petro made us take the risk of losing a great friend, with whom we have had relations for almost half a century”, concludes Mr. Hurtado in this column published by La Patria.

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