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|CORCAS Head Meets Chilean Senate delegation

Khalihenna Ould Errachid, Chairman of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs, held talks today, Monday June 26, with a delegation from the Chilean Senate led by the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Mr Francisco Chahuán. The delegation is on a working visit to the Kingdom from June 21 to 27.

The Corcas Chairman's talks with his Chilean hosts focused on the history of the Sahara issue, developments at UN level and the revitalization of the political process sparked by the Moroccan initiative to grant broad autonomy to the region.

The President recalled the stages in the implementation of the autonomy plan and thae consultations carried out with local populations, as well as the consultations on various autonomy projects throughout the world. He went on to point out that the autonomy plan has been hailed by all Security Council resolutions, since Morocco presented the text to the Security Council in 2007, as a serious and credible solution.

In an address to the press, Mr. Francisco Chahuán recalled that the autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty is the only realistic basis for the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara. He also reiterated the Chilean Senate's constant support for Morocco's territorial integrity.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary General of the Council, Dr. Maouelainin Ben Khallihenna Maouelainin, and Ahmed Lakhrif, Councillor at the Chamber of Councillors and member of CORCAS.

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