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|African MPs Reiterate in Rabat Respect for the Sovereignty of African countries and Their Territorial Integrity

The presidents of the Foreign Affairs Committees of African parliaments reiterated, on Friday in Rabat, their respect for the sovereignty of African countries and their territorial integrity, and this, at the end of the African parliamentary colloquium on “African parliamentary cooperation in the face of nagging challenges”.

In a final declaration at the end of this symposium, they also expressed their infallible attachment to the values ​​of democracy and pluralism, stressing the important role of African parliaments in promoting sustainable development throughout the continent.
In this regard, they called on African parliaments to “fully assume their responsibility as mechanisms of communication and consultation capable of unifying the peoples of Africa”, considering that “joint action by governments is not enough to alone to protect the continent against security fragility”.

The chairpersons of the Foreign Affairs Committees in African parliaments also expressed their desire to always remain mobilized in favor of the consolidation of joint African parliamentary action, commending the House of Representatives for its organization of this important event.

In addition to the chairpersons of the Foreign Affairs Committees of African parliaments, this two-day symposium brought together experts and researchers with three main topics on the menu for discussion, namely “the parliamentary contribution to the promotion of peace and of security in Africa”, “the challenges of food security in Africa” and “the role of the Foreign Affairs Committees in the consolidation of pan-African cooperation”.

The symposium falls within the framework of parliamentary diplomacy as well as Morocco’s commitment under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI to promote cooperation and solidarity in Africa.

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