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|14th International Women's Desert Cycling Tournament July 28-30 in Laayoune

The Green March Association for Bicycles in Laayoune is organizing, under the supervision of the Royal Moroccan University of Cycling, July 28-30, the fourteenth session of the Sahara International Women's Desert Cycling under the slogan "Cycling in the service of development and international communication."

The first phase, Friday, will connect Akhfenir and Tarfaya at a distance of 100 km, and the second between Tarfaya and Foum El Oued, passing through Tah (122 km), while the third will link Laayoune and Marsa back and forth (50 km).
According to the organizers, this tournament, which falls within the framework of celebrating the twenty-fourth anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI's ascension to the glorious Alawite throne, will see the participation of 40 contestants from some European countries, as well as teams from several Moroccan cities, especially from the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

This sporting event, which aims to expand the base of cycling, especially by the girls of the southern provinces, is an occasion for the participants to learn about the developmental, economic, social, cultural and sports projects implemented in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

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