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|Youth Day: Celebrating Royal High Concern for the Real Wealth of the Kingdom

The Youth Day, celebrated on Monday by the Moroccan people, offers the opportunity to highlight the constant commitment of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in favor of the promotion of the place of young people, the real wealth of the Kingdom, in societal dynamics and their political and economic participation.

The Youth Day is a renewed opportunity to celebrate these young people, the driving force of the Nation, to take stock of the initiatives undertaken in their favor and reflect on the actions most likely to strengthen their contribution to the process of political, economic and social development of Morocco.
This event, which this year coincides with the 60th anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, sheds light on the efforts made by the Sovereign for the development of this segment of the population.

Aware of the fact that a young person cannot be called upon to play his role and fulfill his duty without having previously benefited from the necessary opportunities and qualifications, the Sovereign has never ceased, since His accession to the Throne of His glorious Ancestors, to multiply initiatives and gestures to offer young people something concrete, particularly in terms of education, employment, health and in many other areas, and to give them hope and confidence in their future.

HM the King does not skimp on His time or His efforts to guarantee the social and cultural development of young people, who represent nearly a third of the population, to protect their physical and mental health, to preserve them from any deviance or hazard and provide them with qualifying training that enables them to contribute fully and efficiently to productive activities and the development of their society.

Particular interest is given, in this context, to education for young people by offering them various learning opportunities that open the way to qualifications judiciously adapted to facilitate their professional integration, their cognitive development and their social ascent. Thus, they are sheltered from ignorance and poverty and protected from the temptations of extremism.

Training, qualification and integration centers for young people, socio-educational centres, socio-sports complexes, spaces for caring for young people suffering from addictive behavior, spaces dedicated to new information and communication technologies, income-generating activities, support program for access to financing for young project leaders, so many structures and initiatives that enshrine the local policy and the Royal approach to human, inclusive and sustainable development.

It is within this same framework that the new roadmap relating to the development of vocational training falls, the spearhead of which is the program of the Cities of Trades and Skills (CMC). This program, which mobilizes an overall projected investment of 4.4 billion dirhams, provides for the construction of 12 CMCs in the different regions of the Kingdom, which will be multi-sectoral vocational training platforms and will welcome 34,000 trainees each year.

2023 was also marked by the inauguration by HM the King, in the city of Tamesna, of the City of Trades and Skills of the region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, the 4th City to open its doors to welcome young people in training, after those of Souss-Massa, l'Oriental and Laâyoune-Sakia-El Hamra which started training between October and November 2022.

The High Royal concern for young people was also manifested on the occasion of the last Throne Speech in which the Sovereign affirmed that "every time Moroccan youth have had the means to give the full measure of their seriousness and of her patriotism fascinated the world with performances of an unprecedented caliber", citing as an example the accomplished by the national team at the last Football World Cup.

HM the King also assured that the seriousness of Moroccan youth is also expressed in areas requiring creative genius and an innovative spirit, welcoming, in this respect, the realization of the first locally manufactured car, thanks to national skills and Moroccan funding, and the presentation of the first hydrogen car prototype, developed by a young Moroccan.

In short, the all-out development of Morocco is based on a fulfilled, competent, enterprising and citizen youth, called, today more than ever, to invest actively and constructively in the changes that society is experiencing, while remaining attached to the constants of the national identity, rich by the plurality of its tributaries.

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