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|66th Anniversary of Tarfaya Recovery Milestone in the National Struggle for Independence and Territorial Integrity

The 66th anniversary of Tarfaya recovery to the national fold is a milestone in the national struggle for independence and territorial integrity.

April 15 every year, the Moroccan people from Tangier to Kouira commemorate this anniversary with the appropriate manifestations of pride, in an atmosphere of comprehensive and continuous national mobilization and full vigilance under the wise leadership of the glorious Alaouite throne.
The King and people of Morocco have made great sacrifices in the face of colonialism, which weighed heavily on the national territory for nearly half a century and divided the country into zones of influence distributed between the French protectorate in central Morocco and the Spanish protectorate north and south, while the Tangier region was subject to an international regime, which made the task of liberating the national territory difficult, for which the throne and the people made great sacrifices in the midst of a continuous national struggle.

This made the task of liberating the national territory difficult, for which the throne and the people made great sacrifices in the midst of an ongoing national struggle to achieve freedom, independence, unity and salvation from colonialism of both kinds and allied against the unity of the Moroccan entity, until the apparent victory and the desired goal was achieved with the return of legitimacy and the return of the hero of liberation and independence, His Majesty the late Mohammed V and the honorable royal family from exile to the homeland on November 16, 1955, carrying the flag of freedom and emancipation from the shackles of occupation.

The end of the era of quarantine and protection was only the beginning of the great jihad to build the new Morocco, one of the first issues of which was to liberate the rest of the Kingdom's territory from the yoke of occupation. In this context, the Liberation Army was launched in the south in 1956 to complete independence in the rest of the occupied parts of the national territory, and the liberation march continued under the leadership of the hero of liberation, His Majesty the late Mohammed V, with strong determination and firm will.

His Majesty's historic speech on February 25, 1958, in the presence of delegations and representatives of the tribes of the Moroccan Sahara, was a decisive stance to confirm Morocco's determination to recover its inalienable rights in its usurped Sahara.

Thanks to the wisdom and wisdom of His Majesty, and in solidarity with his loyal people, Tarfaya was recovered in 1958, which marked a milestone in the national struggle to complete national independence and achieve territorial integrity.

During the reign of His Majesty the late Hassan II, the country continued its epic struggle, as the city of Sidi Ifni was recovered in 1969, culminating in the great historic march of conquest on November 6, 1975, which embodied the genius of the unified king, who was able to restore the southern provinces to the fold of the fatherland in a unique peaceful and civilized way, and the victory was on the side of the Moroccans, and the flag of the homeland rose in the sky of Laayoune on February 28, 1976, marking the end of the colonial presence in the Moroccan Sahara. On August 14, 1979, the Wadi al-Dahab region was recovered.

Today, Morocco, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the pioneer of the Moroccan Renaissance, stands firm in defending its inalienable rights, demonstrating its unanimous determination to preserve its inalienable unity through wise and prudent positions, Morocco confirms to the whole world its strong will and full mobilization in defense of the Moroccanness of its Sahara, its hard work to end all causes of contrived conflicts, and its endeavor to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood in the region, serve its peoples, strengthen its union and look forward to its desired future prospects.

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