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A delegation representing the victims of the serious human rights violations committed by the Polisario separatists, currently visiting London, has called the international community to emergently act in order to end up the agony of the sequestered populations in Tindouf camps (South-West of Algeria).


The autonomy initiative, presented by Morocco, so as to reach a final settlement for the Sahara issue, has created a new dynamic in the whole Maghreb region, has stated Prof. Abdelhamid El Ouali, on Wednesday evening « It’s a serious project having benefited from the support of big world powers”, has said Prof. El Ouali, who was the guest of the “Question marks”  program broadcasted by ANB TV Channel (based in London).


The Polisario could never create an independent State in the Sahara and has no other choice but to adhere to the autonomy project for the southern provinces of Morocco, has stated the Lebanese writer and political scientist, Khair allah Khair Allah. 


Portugal has reaffirmed « the importance of serious and credible efforts aiming at promoting a political solution” of the Sahara issue, welcoming in this regard the Moroccan initiative relating to autonomy. 


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Taieb Fassi Fihri has presented, Friday evening, to the Committee in charge of Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Islamic Affairs, at the Chamber of Representatives, upon the request of parliamentary groups, a presentation about many issues, at the top of them the recent developments relating to the Moroccan Sahara issue and the Union project for the Mediterranean.


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