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  • Full text of the Moroccan initiative to negotiate an autonomy status in the Sahara, click here.


  • Full text of the letters sent by Corcas chairman Mr. Khalihenna Ould Errachid to UNHCR and WFP, click here.


  • Setting up of a multidisciplinary faculty in the Sahara region, click here.


  • Nouvelles structures pour promouvoir le secteur de la santé dans la ville de Laâyoune, click here.


  • The new housing project in the southern provinces, a comprehensive and integrated programme, click here.


  • Enfants sahraouis déportés à Cuba : un défi majeur à relever par le Corcas, click here.


  • Two Australian journalists claim to have witnessed slavery scenes in Tindouf, click here.


  • Youth’s full adherence to NIHD implementation, click here.




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