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The Khnifiss Association for Cultural Tourism and environmental protection, organizes on July 12 at the centre of Akhfenir, 175 km north of the city of Laayoune, a study day under the theme "" khnifiss National Park at the service of human development".


 The Moroccan people is celebrating tomorrow Tuesday the 32nd anniversary of the "Green March" that helped the North African country peacefully retrieve its Southern Provinces (the Sahara) from Spain under the Madrid accords signed in 1975 by Morocco, Spain and Mauritania.
    Thirty-two years after this historical event, the region can be proud of its socioeconomic development and its ongoing projects.

    Priority was given to the fisheries sector that achieved a turnover of USD 1.2Bn in 2005 compared to USD 900Mn two years ago. This result was achieved notably thanks to the USD 115Mn program that provided for the creation of 7 fisheries villages and three unloading points.

    The region has two important ports; Foum El Oued port destined to the export of phosphates and Laayoune port that has become the largest national port for coastal fisheries with a 500-unit fleet. The port generates 40% of the national production of fish and seafood and provides more than 20,000 job opportunities. It is also destined to the export of some products notably fish and sand, and the import of others mainly fuel.

    In the housing sector, Some 35,000 social housing units have been built since 1999 when late king Hassan II launched a USD 165Mn program to build 20,000 housing units.

    In a bid to improve the living conditions of the region inhabitants, the authorities set up another USD 180Mn program to relocate 40,000 families in the region.

    In parallel to the demographic and urban development of the region, a particular attention was paid to the health sector. In 1994, the region hosted the second largest multidisciplinary hospital in the countr


Following the launching of the unifier portal,the political portal, the cultural portal, the portal of towns in the region and the economic development site about the region, Corcas launches this week its Social portal.

The portal is intended to be the reference of social development occurred in the Sahara region since its recovery by the motherland, the Kingdom of Morocco.

This portal shows the commitment of the State in the socio-economic development of the region through all the reforms undertaken since 1975 to promote the strengthening of the institutional authority and respect for individuals.

The portal shows also the involvement of civil society in the Saharawi social development both in the field of family and children, education and sustainable development.


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