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'Forums'  services are open spaces for views exchange, experiences and opinions, mainly but not exclusively over the Sahara issue. 
By registering and posting your articles and papers on your forums and blogs, you agree to their terms of use and the authority of the moderators.
The arguments put forward commit only you and shall not represent the views of

Article 1: Access Terms

To participate in Forums' and 'Blogs' services you have to login.
Registration to these services requires from you to choose an ID and provide us with a valid email address. Upon confirmation of your registration by an administrator, we will send you a password, notified to you by e-mail. shall reserve the right to refuse any pseudonym contrary to the Moroccan law, morality or the basic rules of politeness. Another reason for rejection may be a re-registration attempt by a person who was banished from ‘Forums' and 'Blogs' services under his previous common identifier.


• Article 2: Collected Data
In addition to the data collected from you such as your e-mail address, we register for each contribution, and as long as the latter is still available, the contributor’s IP address.
This address is registered for two reasons. On the one hand, to allow service moderation by allowing to the moderation team identify anyone who uses multiple accounts in order to harm the friendliness of forums and blogs, or circumvent a ban. On the other hand, this information will be forwarded to a judicial authority, at its request, for the identification of a user.
Generally, connections made by your computer to our servers are stored in a 'log' file for 10 days for statistical purposes and in order to identify any attempt to disturb our servers. 
Our ' Forums' and 'Blogs' services use cookies to store your ID and password on your computer. These cookies serve to improve use comfort.

You may accede and correct your personal data by sending an email to: Also, you may at any time change your own profile information. shall not sell its e-mail address database to third parties.
Article 3: Rules to be observed in terms of contributions

You are responsible for the content of your messages and articles. The contributions you post can be freely read by everyone. The following rules shall apply to the messages, blogs, images and hyperlinks that you insert. 
Your contributions must respect Moroccan legislation and its emblem:

1. Almighty God: in any case, your messages should not harm the Islamic religion or any other monotheistic religion.
2. Nation: in any case, your messages should not harm Moroccan territorial integrity and its sovereignty over the Sahara.
3. Monarchy: in any case, your messages should not harm the Moroccan monarchy.

Your contributions should also respect morality and the basic rules of politeness. As a general rule, you should remain courteous, show respect to other participants, through the form and the substance of your messages and blogs. Advert messages and blogs are prohibited.
'Forums' and 'Blogs' services are divided into sections; each section shall have one theme. Avoid irrelevant subjects and choose the appropriate section for your speeches.


If the subject you want to tackle has already been discussed, go to the section dealing with the subject. Do not create a new section. Do not hesitate to use search engines! 
Your messages and blogs are stored on our servers with no time limit. You can delete or modify them by using "Edit" available in each viewing window.

Article 4: Moderation

Interventions that you post can be moderated if they are not in line with these guidelines. 'Forums' and 'Blogs' services shall be moderated after the publication of contributions.
The moderator role is to ensure proper compliance with the rules of this charter aimed at respecting the right of third parties and Moroccan regulations and monitoring discussions.
The site shall carry out all appropriate measures to ensure the compliance of messages’ content to regulations and respect the right of others. However, if despite all the means implemented you find a litigious message, you may notify the moderator at


If there is doubt about the conformity of a message with this charter, you can request the moderator’s opinion before posting your contribution.
Article 5: Sanctions

Any contribution against this charter shall be modified. The modification may concern the whole contribution or part of it. Any user who posts a message contrary to this charter shall be temporary banned from services. During the ban duration, the user shall not post further contributions. In the event of a final ban, he shall no longer accede to services. 

'Forums' and 'Blogs' constitute a private space open to the public under the responsibility of who shall freely determine use modalities and take initiatives necessary for the proper functioning of its services.

Sanctions shall not exceed one year. A history of your sanctions shall be preserved during the same period. The history can be checked by all service administrators and moderators.

In case of dispute with a moderator on a sanction, please contact the administrator for mediation.
By validating this charter, you agree to be bound by its articles. 




I accept the charter of ‘Forums'  services (required to register)




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