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Morocco's ambassador and permanent representative to the UN, Omar Hilale, denounced, in two letters addressed Wednesday to the UN Secretary General and to the resident and members of the Security Council, South Africa's complicity with Algeria and the "polisario", its unconditional appropriation of Algeria's geopolitical agenda and its blind ideological support to the armed separatist group.

The Arab Ministerial Committee on Iran has reiterated its solidarity with the Kingdom of Morocco against the interference of the Iranian regime and its ally "Hezbollah" in the internal affairs of the Kingdom.

The Support Group for the Territorial Integrity of Morocco welcomed, on Tuesday in Geneva, the Kingdom’s commitment, for many years, in a constructive, voluntary and deep interaction with the United Nations human rights system.

Fifteen members of the General Assembly of the Andean Parliament, among the 25 members of this constitutional body, have reiterated, in a petition addressed to this Parliament Speaker, their firm position supporting Morocco’s territorial integrity and the autonomy initiative as a solution to the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

The Pacific Alliance Monitoring Inter-Parliamentary Commission affirmed, Thursday in Rabat, its support for the autonomy initiative of the southern provinces of the Kingdom in order to find a solution to the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.


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