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Morocco on Wednesday called upon Algeria and the separatist movement "Polisario" to "obviate a fruitless and unproductive controversy" to create the most favorable conditions for the success of the negotiations on the Sahara.


4/9/2008: Mr. Jose Obdulio Gaviria Velez, top adviser to the Columbian head of state, who met on Tuesday with Mr. Khalihenna OULD ERRACHID, Corcas cahirman in Rabat, has described as a "serious and credible" the Moroccan proposal to grant autonomy to the Kingdom’s southern provinces.


"Embezzlement of humanitarian aid is systematic"

Naba Deddah El Meki, member og Gjijimat group said to Aujourd'hui le Maroc: "Embezzlement of humanitarian aid is systematic"


4/2/2008: The establishment of a phony entity in the Sahara "would open the door to other separatist attempts," according to Algerian journalist and writer, Anwar Malek.



Morocco which considers Algeria as a party to the Sahara conflict, deems that a "direct dialogue" with this country, is a prerequisite to settle this 32-year old dispute with the Algerian-backed separatist movement "Polisario", Minister of Interior, Chakib Benmoussa, said on Thursday at the weekly cabinet meeting.


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